Don Omar Talks About Releasing New Music This Spring, Tour This Summer

Puerto Rican singer Don Omar gives his first interview in two years, opening up about his plans to release new music and tour this summer.

Don Omar is back in the game and ready to conquer the industry in 2019. In an exclusive interview with Billboard, Don Omar (born William Landron) opened up about new music, the aftermath of hurricane Maria, his return to Puerto Rico, the state of Latin urban music, the lyrical content of trap and violence in his native island.

“I love what I do,” he says to Leila Cobo, Billboard’s vice president, Latin industry lead. “But it had become a chore and a routine. Routine kills. I got used to the routine of a song, a video and then nothing happens. I wanted to sit back and look at the business.”

The veteran reggaeton singer — who has released timeless reggaeton hits like “Bandoleros,” “Dile,” and “Ayer La Vi” since his career began in 1996 — took a break from the biz in 2016 following his Kingdom Tour with Daddy Yankee. After his nearly three-year hiatus, Omar hopes to start releasing new music this spring, followed by a tour over the summer as well as his first-ever visit to Cuba.


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